The Desire Factory; (2019)

You can sell anything, as long as you have the right method.[i] A fridge, air, silence, peace of mind or a political idea. Based on Vercors & Coronel’s book “Quota ou les Plethorians”, The Desire Factory- Project engages with the evolution of marketing strategies and their use in political agendas.

Using the book as starting point, the project encourages discussions about artificial desire and contemporary political playbooks, using Brexit, Ukraine, Europe and Egypt as examples. In structures more concerned with creating desire rather than catering to need, it becomes increasingly more crucial to ask oneself “Who wants me to want this?”.


The aim is to use the findings of the research to artistic and theoretical work from, as well as establish interdisciplinary communication with international artist



[i] (Vercor and Coronel,Quota ou les Plethorians 1966)